Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing energy suitable for everyone. This natural healing brings about a sense of calm and peace and can leave you feeling totally relaxed and also reenergised. It helps to balance the body and mind by working on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


I was first attuned in 2004, and took the second attunement in 2016. I am now a Reiki Master and I see amazing results with my clients, it helps with anxiety and worry, energy levels and if you have an open mind it can connect you to a deeper level of yourself where past hurts can be healed. It is supportive in times of stress and bereavement, I can personally confirm this and is also useful to help the body heal quicker following surgery or injury.


I am now offering Angelic Reiki alongside the traditional Usui method as described above. Angelic Reiki connects in with the Angelic realm and calls in the healing angels and ascended masters to connect with the client and offer the healing that the person needs. It is very powerful yet gentle, it can bring about huge transformations in energetic and emotional shifts, releasing blockages, past hurts and bringing peace and balance.


1 hour session - £50

Angelic Reiki - £60



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