Welcome to Amanda's Holistic Therapies, Woking, Surrey.

The Angelic system of energy healing



Reflexology is the ancient art of balancing body and mind.



Gentle Japanese Reiki energy healing. 



Discover who you truly are.

Holistic facials using NYR Organic products to suit your skin type.



Relax and unwind with a healing therapy at my home.


Hi, I’m Amanda, a Holistic Therapist offering a range of complementary therapies, which are personalised to suit each client, based in Woking, Surrey.


I am fascinated by the workings of the human body and its connection to the mind.  We all lead really busy, stressful lives these days.  The pressure of parenthood and work can really take its toll if we do not look after ourselves, causing stress, tension and eventually dis-ease in the body.  My aim is to make you feel totally relaxed, and let the body take care of any healing that needs to be done.  I am an excellent listener, and part of my holistic approach is to listen to what’s going on in your world, and understand how that can have an effect on the body and mind.


A full and confidential medical and lifestyle consultation will be taken at the start of your first appointment with me, please allow 20 minutes for this initial consultation on top of your treatment time. 


My aim is to aid your health and wellbeing through relaxing holistic therapies. Relax and unwind, let go of tension and stress and escape from your daily life for a while. I'll help you find a whole new you!  I look forward to welcoming you to my therapy room soon.

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