Blog post - Reflexology Week Sept 2023

World Reflexology Week 18-22 September 2023

Every year in September, World Reflexology Week is held to celebrate and educate about this wonderful healing modality.


I first studied Reflexology in 2005 at Guildford College. I had studied Anatomy & Physiology and Swedish Massage, and my tutor suggested that I might like Reflexology, and she was right!  I absolutely loved how relaxed I felt after a treatment, but more than that, I loved how great it made my case studies feel and how it helped them with various ailments and to relieve stress.


I was fascinated to learn that ancient cultures from around the world all had their own versions of reflexology, from the Native American Indians to the Ancient Egyptians, who have hieroglyphics of people giving each other hand and foot reflexology!


The modern version of reflexology is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine of working with meridans (our energy channels) and acupressure points.


The points all correspond to our organs and systems and are stimulated to bring energy to the area or stroked to bring relaxation and healing.


It's a great therapy for helping to balance our hormonal system and to clear and stimulate our digestive system. It can help relieve headaches, migraines and period pain. It can bring relief from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain, and help lower the stress hormones and iincrease the feel good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.


My favourite part of a treatment is when I do a chakra balance along the part of the foot that relates to the spine. This balances the endocrine glands and each of the chakras, bringing fresh energy and vitality to the body. My clients are usually asleep by this point!


Come and experience this wonderfully relaxing treatment for yourself!


An hour's treatment is usually £50 but for World Reflexology week I am offering new clients a discount of 50% and existing clients a discount of 20% on a new booking.


Reflexology - walk in, float out!







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