Angelic Reiki


Angelic Reiki is a gentle, safe and relaxing form of energy healing suitable for eveyone, but particularly those wishing to connect deeply with themselves whilst on their spiritual journey.


Similar to Usui Reiki, this gentle energy healing uses the power of the Angelic Realm to provide healing to the client. It works very much on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, enabling the client to rebalance, heal and possibly clear traumas.


During an Angelic Reiki treatment, we will discuss any areas to be worked on, then the client lays comfortably on my couch fully clothed. The Angels and Archangels will come in to provide any healing and balancing, I am simply a bridge to pass the healing from the Angelic realm to the client.  Clients are lovingly supported and held in the highest vibration, enabling an emotional release and encouraging the body's own healing responses. 


It is very powerful yet gentle, it can bring about huge transformations in energetic and emotional shifts, releasing blockages, past hurts and bringing peace and balance.


1 hour session - £60


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